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Aquamations at Oakfield Wood

Oakfield Wood Wrabness Ltd - Woodland Burial Ground and Aquamation Services in Essex


Resomations are an increasingly popular and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation methods,  using warm water instead of fire. Resomations also offer a warm water alternative to the cold water aquamation process. The gentle flow of warm water creates a womb like environment and people find it very comforting to know they will return to the same warm, safe, womb like embrace at the end of their life, as they did at the start of their life. 

How does it work?

The process works by gently circulating a heated solution of 95% water and 5% alkali around the body for an extended period of time. The gentle flow of the water is similar to that of a small brook or stream.


Caring for the Environment

Resomation produces ZERO toxic gases or greenhouse gases in to our atmosphere. The process uses only 10% of the energy used for flame cremation, avoids the use of fossil fuels and has a 75% lower carbon footprint.

Current Fire cremations release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, including carbon monoxide, fine soot, sulphur dioxide, heavy metals, and mercury emissions from dental fillings, all of which can cause health issues for both people and nature.

When you choose Resomation you choose to protect the environment.

Foggy Forest

One of the reasons for Resomation becoming more popular is that the process is very similar to the natural decomposition that occurs with green burial as opposed to the harsh effects of fire cremation. Resomation also produces 20% to 30% more ashes than cremation and as the ashes are not subjected to the high heat of a cremation, they are whiter.
Making funeral arrangements in advance and pre-planning for Resomation can save time and money and help reduce the stress involved in end-of-life decisions.

Water Ripples
Forest Trees

We are happy to answer any questions you may have..

Resomations are new to the UK despite being a popular choice in many other countries. Oakfield Wood will be one of the very first organisations to offer this green and caring alternative in the UK. 

Investment and Pre-Booking Opportunities are now available and offer huge savings and an opportunity to support our environment.

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