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Green Reflection

Investment Invitation

Oakfield Wood Wrabness was established over 28 years ago and is one of the UK’s oldest and most established alternative green burial site.’ conducting natural eco-burials in a 50-acre site in the North Essex countryside.


Nestled in the heart of North Essex's serene countryside, we stand as a beacon of change in the dated funeral industry.


Our vision is to redefine life’s final journey with grace, dignity, and a profound respect for our planet through the sustainable practice of aquamation.


We are committed to pioneering a departure that honours our bonds to nature and each other, transforming farewells into acts of ecological renewal and connection.


Our mission transcends traditional practices, envisioning a world where every goodbye nurtures the earth for generations to come and reflects a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

Investment Opportunity

We are now inviting early investors to take advantage of an opportunity to make substantial savings by pre-booking services at vastly discounted rates to support and enable this pioneering project.

Open to the public, industry members and private investors, this opportunity will allow investors and supporters the chance to be involved in a transformative journey, inspiring a fundamental shift in our connection to both the planet and each other.

The Opportunity..
Investors will save over £1000! By Pre-booking a Resomation and Burial plot in their choice of either the woodland or the wild flower meadow with an early investment of £2000, investors will receive a service package normally charged at over £3000.

Please contact our team on 01255 880521 or via the form below for more information and to take advantage of this pioneering opportunity.

Forest Trees

Thank You!

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